Petar Gyosharkov

Freestyle snowboarding

Petar “Pepo” Gyosharkov is a national team member and Bulgaria’s most successful professional freestyle snowboarder.

He is the first Bulgarian who qualified for a final in the FIS Slopestyle Junior World Championships. Pepo has over 30 national and 5 international first places in freestyle, parallel disciplines and snowboard cross, as well as a second place in the European Men Cup.

When he is not practicing, you can find him teaching beginners snowboarding classes in Borovets, as well as helping more advanced students make their first steps in freestyle snowboarding.

Pleasure Jam 2014 Petar Gyoshakov freestyle snowboarding

Pepo Gyosharkov’s talent is undeniable. Born in 1996 in Samokov, he began snowboarding at the age of 4.

After winning several first places in parallel disciplines, his enthusiasm for freestyle snowboarding sparks when he is 12. In 2010, Pepo grabs the 3rd place in the Big Air discipline during the first freestyle tournament he participates in.

This achievement motivates him even more and by 2018 he has already won over 25 first places in national championships, which makes him Bulgaria’s best freestyle snowboarder.

Petar Gyosharkov freestyle snowboarding slopestyle

When it comes to international level Pepo has over 10 podiums, including a second place in the European Men Cup. He is the first Bulgarian who qualified for a final in the FIS Slopestyle Junior World Championships – in Valmalenco, Italy, where he finished 13th.

Inspired by the unique style of his idols – Torstein Hogmo, Ståle Sandbech и Mark McMorris – Pepo finds his own style, which characterizes with clear and smooth riding. No abrupt moves.

He makes his favorite switch backside 900 and backside 900 with enviable precision and skill, which then landed him on the second step of the podium in the European Men Cup in his favorite slopestyle discipline.

Young, exceptionally intelligent and ambitious, Pepo is pursuing his goals at all cost. The biggest of them is participation in a Winter Olympics, where he’ll have a shot at winning a Winter Olympic medal.

As a professional athlete and member of ski school Yanakiev in Borovets, Pepo is responsible for many people’s first steps in winter sports.